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Switch to Cage-Free Eggs on Campus

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Students, faculty, and alumni all know what a special place Rice University is, a community that emphasizes integrity and compassion as much as it does academic excellence. In keeping with these values, it’s time for Rice to do what hundreds of other universities have done: make the more humane choice of switching to cage-free eggs in its dining services. In recent years, Rice has made great progress in its sustainability practices, but it’s still using eggs from hens kept in battery cages.

“Battery cages” are barren wire cages with such limited space that the hens can’t even spread their wings. Each hen confined in a battery cage is given less space than a single sheet of paper (67 square inches) to live out her entire life.

“Cage-free” conditions for the hens are considerably better than battery cage conditions. Although not as ideal as “free-range” conditions, a cage-free environment allows hens to engage in many of their natural behaviors such as walking, nesting, and spreading their wings. Those favoring cage-free eggs point to benefits including nutrition, sustainability, animal protection, and food safety. And, as so many other universities have shown, switching to cage-free eggs is a financially feasible option.

Please sign and share this petition to ask Rice University to support sustainability and the more humane treatment of egg-laying hens today!

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