Rian Johnson has to admit that The Last Jedi is awful

Rian Johnson has to admit that The Last Jedi is awful

December 15, 2017
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Started by Cemiria Dawn

Plenty of Star Wars fans have seen it by now: Star Wars The Last Jedi, aka Episode VIII. It's clear not all of us are happy with it, especially not after waiting 2 years. And that has several reasons which all have been written out pretty well by other people, but I'll sum some of them up. Some might disagree with several of these points - but overall, these points overweight the good parts of the movie.

The goal of this petition is to make sure that the oh so mighty Rian Johnson will know that we do not support his decisions, and to make sure he knows that what he created is not a masterpiece.

These are a couple of points that really make this movie a miss:

  • Luke's VERY out-of-character behavior.
    Probably the thing that has disappointed many of us. Instead of being an epic Jedi, ready to save the galaxy, he acts like a depressive weakling who is tired of everything because of the Kylo accident. Also, did he really had to be so rude towards Rey? His whole run-away thing looked so childish. We just wanted to see our fave OT hero save the day, alright!
  • Cheap, sometimes childish humor.
    Speaks for itself. The "let me just throw this saber away after 2 years of people hyping on my reaction" wasn't funny. It really wasn't. Maybe to imagine, but it made this movie seem very cheap with forced humor. And oh, this was just one of the many weird and out of place forced-humor moments the movie had. The Luke ones were the worst, though. Also what about those ugly owl-furbies who were supposed to be cute little cash-grabbers? They were annoying as hell. And childish. Yay.
  • Leia's superhero flight through debris.
    This is probably the most retarded thing in the movie. Being Force sensitive does not equal being able to do some sort of magic superhero leap through space. Please, please just DELETE it. There isn't even a way to explain it. It just looks ridiculous. Please, no. 
  • The great disappointement for Snoke theorists.
    Yet another disappointement! Wow! I guess everyone definitely enjoyed how Snoke died before even knowing who he was!! Seriously though, I still can't understand this decision, or what we'll eventually gain of it by not knowing who this man is. We've waited 2 years only to get a big "HAHA, NOT TODAY" in our face. I suppose a standalone movie could happen to explain this, but it's not about quantity, it's about quality! And if Snoke really is just Snoke, damn that would be lame. Just lame.
  • Also the great disappointement for Rey's lineage theorists.
    We're on a roll I see. Now, again, 2 years for what? Nothing? Thanks! But seriously, we all hope she has a somewhat important lineage. Yeah yeah we get this whole becoming-a-hero-does-not-require-important-lineage stuff, but who's interested in a Mary Sue who came from alcoholic plebs? We want an epic Kenobi girl saving the galaxy! Kylo Ren might've lied to her though. So it remains to be seen - but don't get your hopes up.
  • Unnecessary Finn x Rose subplot.
    The Finn x Rose ship itself was akward and underdeveloped, but the entire "plot" on Canto Bight was simply useless. Precious and important screen time (that could have been used as an explanation on Snokes background, for example) was wasted because Rian Johnson felt the need to include a visit to a planet that did not even serve a purpose. 
    Not to mention that Finn's kamikaze, that could have saved the Resistance on Crait, was ruined because Rose only seemed to care about herself and about Finn. Her action could've got dozens killed. 
  • Overdoing the alien species.
    This thing might not have bothered many. However, for the more lore-loving fans or EU-fans, this is just as cringy as in TFA: weird, overdone crazy aliens (as if you try too hard). Especially Canto Bight had lots of these monsters. Do they know that there are still very human-looking species out there? Or is it all either humans or extremely weird species? Just give us back our beloved Twi'leks, Togrutas, Zabraks etc. Thanks.

    Feel free to add other points in the comments!

    I'm sure we can all think of other bad aspects of this movie. Some might consider  Reylo, Rian's ignorance towards Star Wars lore or the forced diversity. However, I suppose the couple things above are the main things.

    Thanks a lot for this, Rian.

    Not the fans you're looking for.

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This petition had 11,541 supporters

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