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Refuse to give blanket immunity to bankers on Wall Street

The Obama Administration is attempting to stifle prosecution of the major banks involved in the 2008 crisis, having recently fired NY Attorney General Eric Schneiderman for refusing to sign a deal which would grant blanket immunity to the major players in the crisis if and when criminal charges are filed against said banks. Several other AGs, including those from Deleware and Nevada, have also agreed with Mr. Schneiderman. Regardless of political affiliation, right is right and wrong is wrong. What the President and his Wall Street-veterans Cabinet is attempting is a blatant disservice to the American people and an outright repudiation of his promises of 'change'. We, the undersigned residents of the State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations, do hereby petition RI Attorney General Peter Kimartin to show public support for his fellow Attorney Generals who wish to properly execute the duties of their office and bring justice to those who have committed such egregious crimes.

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