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Remove or Sanction Nick Pietrangelo

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On September 6, 2017, Nick Pietrangelo, a student at Rhodes College, posted a hateful piece of writing on '' entitled "College Millennials are Freaking Out Over DACA and its Glorious" (link is below)

In this writing he used homophobic slurs and callously referred to women who get abortions as "women who got knocked up and then regret[ed] it." He openly admitted to ripping down posters for LGBT and pro-Diversity meetings. His words were not only triggering to many Rhodes students, but a complete misrepresentation of Rhodes College's students. Conservative and liberal students alike found Pietrangelo's words to be hateful. If Rhodes College doesn't condemn this kind of speech and sanction the writer, they are complicit in making the college an unsafe environment for students who belong to groups targeted in the writing. Rhodes College is a private institution and has the power to condemn hateful speech by its students. We ask the Rhodes Administration to stand up for the majority of the Rhodes community that this article has hurt by formally sanctioning Nick Petrangelo. Please sign if you agree. 


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