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RhodeMapRI was adopted, without your input, by a 'consortium' of people last Wednesday night. They will send it to the State Planning Council this Thursday for adoption.   You can stop it from becoming Law BUT you have to act by Thursday 9am.

  • Read the remainder of this email and contact Mr. Kevin Flynn or 401-222-6496 and urge him to vote down adoption of the plan until it can be properly vetted by all parties impacted.
  • Contact Governor-elect Raimonda 401-222-2397 and tell her to urge the State Planning Council to delay this vote.
  • Consider attending the State Council Planning meeting on Thursday, Nov. 20 at 9:00 am to voice your opposition to adoption of RhodeMapRI before proper vetting.

This is not a Democrat or Republican issue.

It is an individual rights issue.  As you read further, please keep in mind that the RI Public Expenditure Council, RIPEC, a nonpartisan public policy research organization providing unbiased economic information to the state and who had originally suggested that the state needed an overall economic plan, has rethought their position and called for the state to halt the adoption of RhodeMapRI.


This plan has nothing to do with economic development in RI.

Although we encourage you to read the entire plan document, because time is of the essence, we call your attention to the last four pages (  A quick perusal will give you the background you need to understand that this plan has nothing to do with economic development in RI, but rather it is a plan to completely transform the way all Rhode Islanders will live, move, work and be educated. And it will be very costly.  


➤It overrides your city or town’s authority

The premise of this so-called 'sustainability plan' is that if you are a property owner, you are contributing to “social” injustice,  and to achieve “justice”, local zoning authority and regulations must be eliminated.


Why has the media only this week discovered this issue?

Even the news media said they were not aware of this plan.  If the news media is not informed, then how can we or you be informed? The development of this plan has been in the works for close to two years, but have you heard anything about it?  Probably not. That's because the consortium of people and groups that were invited to the process, while they included 9 cities and towns, basically included the big cities in RI. There were only three towns that would be considered suburban/rural - Burrillville, No. Kingstown and Westerly.  The other 30 cities and towns are not part of the consortium.  


Most citizens and groups were not consulted.

The individuals who are part of the 'Social Equity Advisory Committee' that provided input to the plan include local social activist groups and residents from cities, primarily Providence.  Again, none from the suburban/rural areas. Not a single taxpayer group or responsible government group/think tank (e.g., The RI Center for Freedom and Prosperity) was invited to participate.  Although the plan document (link provided below) calls for business participation, there appear to be no businesses listed. Given the likelihood of significant tax increases resulting from such a plan and the immutable loss of individual rights resulting from this plan, the average taxpayer should have been at the table. Additionally, the plan needs to be reviewed in the context of both the US Constitution and the RI Constitution.  

If adopted, only 3 1/2 weeks will have passed between public comment period, to revision, to adoption - Oct 27 - Nov 20.

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