Rhode Island Coastal Resources Management Council: Please Reject the proposed construction plan that could destroy Ruggles Surf Break

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Rhode Island Coastal Resources Management Council: Please Reject the proposed construction plan that could destroy Ruggles Surf Break

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The Department of Transportation has submitted a proposal to the Coastal Resources Management Council to repair the damage done to the Cliff Walk by Tropical Storm Sandy.

The construction proposal involves the "placement of permanent fill (armor stone) below the Mean High Water elevation of 2.43 feet." According to the Department of Transportation's application, "The project begins at the Breakers at Ruggles Avenue and Continues to Bailey's Beach at Bellevue Avenue," spanning the entirety of the beloved Ruggles Point surf area. In order for the Contractor to access the work site, "a maximum of four temporary causeways would be constructed." The causeways would be a massive 200 ft. by 40 feet long and the project would result in the placement of approximately 730 cubic yards of below the mean high water line. Including the size of the temporary causeways, the construction project would result in the total placement of 3,024 cubic yards of armor stone, obstructing the reef, disturbing the natural tides, and, in the process, destroying the waterfront, marine life, and historic surf breaks that we all know and love. 

In addition to this project potentially destroying the waterfront along the Cliff Walk, it is also illlegal according to the rules of the CRMC, which prohibit "filling" and any activities that would create an "adverse impact to coastal resources, water-dependent uses, or the public's use and enjoyment of the shoreline and waters" in tidal waters.  The CRMC also prohibits "new developement" on moderately developed Coastal Barriers, stating that "activity must be confined to the existing footprint of disturbance." 

While Clean Ocean Access supports the restoration of the Cliff Walk for safety and accessibility to the public, the natural environment and surf breaks along the walk should not have to suffer as a result.  This is a cause for surfers, fishermen, walkers and environmentalists alike. This petition urges the CRMC to save a Rhode Island Jewel simply by adhering to its own rules.There is not limit on how many signatures are necessary. The more, the better!

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Grover Fugate
Executive Director
Coastal Resources Management Council
Stedman Government Center - Suite 116
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Confirmed victory

This petition made change with 6,524 supporters!