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In 2014 and 2016 My sons children's mother filed false domestic violence charges against my son. Now on February 4, 2017 she filed false rape and abduction charges against my son. I went to court in the Franklin County Municipal building and heard the complaint out. The detectives on the case have not looked into anything except what she is reporting. On Friday February 3, 2017 my son Ray Clifton Jr. came to my home after we had a back and forth text message about him having a DNA test done on the three weeks old child she just had. We also discussed him getting a restraining order because when he told me about her calling it was in excess of up to and over 50 calls within one hour that day, I believe. He texted me that he was coming over and he did that day. He stayed the night. I left that night and got a call from my daughter that this girl was at my house trying to wake my son up. She left her baby in the car and brought in my two years old grandson. My daughter called me to let me know what was going on and my daughter and myself asked her to leave. She began calling my phone and then texted me and I did not reply. My mother called me and asked me to come over because this girl was crying and was stopping over. I went to my mother’s home and this girl came and I talked to her. I asked my mother could she and the kids stay the night and my mother agreed. My mother left in the morning and left her and the children there. This girl  didn’t have her car because she let a lady use it who lives down the street from her. Her and my mother texted back and forth all day. She asked my mother when she would be back home and my mother told her around 12:45 p.m. My son was still at my home and I have all the calls and texts to prove that he was nowhere around this girl when she is claiming the rape happened. My mother convinced him to come and pick this girl and the kids up from her house sometime after 5 pm on February 4, 2017. They went home. Sometime after them going home my son recorded a conversation he was having with this girl about them just coparenting the children and that's it. She performs oral sex on him and then she asks him to sex, they have been having sex since the baby was born three weeks prior. He falls asleep and she puts the kids in the car and steals his car, phone, and wallet with his ID and ATM card in it. She starts calling various females from my sons phone that he had previously cheated on her with and then she goes to the ATM and withdrawals $90.00 the majority of what he had in his account. I have the phone logs, the text messages, the bank statements, and everything else that proves she is a liar and just wanted to ruin my son’s life. She returns home and he gets in the car to leave and she would not get the kids out the car and she would not get out the car. My son by this time had already been in contact with my mother to come over. He pulls off not against her will but because he was going to meet my mother his grandmother. When he sees his grandmother he pulls over into the motel. She opens the door and he grabs her so she won't jump out the car with his phone.  That's when she gets out and starts falling on the ground. He gets out and takes his phone from her hands while standing over top of her. She starts yelling rape so my son pull s off to go back to my house with the children because clearly she has lost her mind and is completely under the influence of Percocet pills. I have tried to get her help when she was pregnant using drugs that she didn't follow through with. I have called Children Services to get involved because of her drug use with no outvome. Now because of her obsession with my son and her anger at him breaking up with her she reports that he raped her and kidnapped the children.

I know this is a lot and I just need someone to hear me. My son will beat this case because it is bogus. Still to this day she keeps stating if he just apologizes she will call and let the detectives know he didnt rape her. Also she texting his friend back and forth trying to get his friend to have him call her. He will not call her because of this case. This is all I have.
I have all the information to prove she lied about the whole rape charge. I am asking for this petition because I know this girl is vindictive and has stated if my son won't be with her he will not be with anyone. My son needs to be out. All he has ever wanted was to be a great father to his children. He has lost two good jobs behind her false allegations. One as a postal worker and now at Coca-Cola. I'm a social worker who is a survivor of sexual assault and I am disgusted at the fact that this girl has used this charge loosely because she is mad my son doesn't want to be with her. 

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