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Stand with Reynoldsburg Teachers

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Public school teachers in Reynoldsburg, Ohio have issued a notice to strike beginning Sept. 19, unless the Reynoldsburg Board of Education makes significant changes to a contract that severely dampens teacher compensation, fails to limit class sizes, and reduces teachers' flexibility in prepping for their classes. I stand in solidarity with the teachers in the Reynoldsburg Education Association.

As the REA has noted: "This was a fight that was picked intentionally and with a purpose. The board’s first proposal, which they posted publicly on their website, was an appalling list of concessions and corporate reforms; the end of a traditional salary schedule to be replaced by merit pay without defined criteria for obtaining it, the end of traditional employer health insurance by shifting all employees to the Affordable Care Act, no language on class size, planning time to be spent in meetings rather than teacher self-directed planning time. Nothing was offered by the board to address the fact that one in five teachers left the district after the last school year. The board even refused to agree to basic ground rules for negotiations. The list reads so much like the corporate reform playbook, in fact, that one policy blog proclaimed that the proposal was 'Direct From Michelle Rhee.'"

By signing this letter I show my support for educators who recognize that we must stand together, as teachers, students, and community members, to defend public education. Teachers' working conditions are our students' learning conditions. I hereby give my full support to the REA in their fight for a fair contract and for the schools our students deserve.

If you are an educator or a member of a union, please specify where you teach or what union you belong to. We want to show the brave teachers in Reynoldsburg how far our solidarity reaches. 

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