Rewrite the Constitution of the United States

Rewrite the Constitution of the United States

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Started by Annalena Weissman

Politicians are telling us that the constitution never permitted abortions and they are right because the constitution did not have the word ‘woman’ in it.

Hello, as we all know by now the supreme court has decided to once again began the discussion of what to do with our bodies. January 22nd, 1973; that was the year that safe and legal abortions were welcomed to the American women. You might ask yourself "why did she say safe and legal?” Because 1973 was not the year abortions were introduced to the American woman, for decades women have sadly had to make life altering decisions for themselves, their families and future all with no safe way to proceed. For years women have been severely injuring and killing themselves, for years, we have thrown our selves down stair cases, stuck bent clothes hangers up our bodies, had a someone punch us so hard until we miscarry and gone to back alleyways of foreign countries only to become infertile at the age of 17, we have all heard stories of a 13 year old being raped by her falling resulting in a pregnancy and the poor little girl being sent away to a house for the unwedded in the 60s. Did that make you uncomfortable? It should have. 

Now let us talk about the constitution, did you know that Thomas Jefferson believe that the constitution should be rewritten every 19 years? I didn’t either. Although not the best guy ever this is one opinion of his that I can get behind. He knew that issues in a country change over time and that a decision made for the people of that time might not be right for the citizens of the current time. Basically he was saying that maybe the people in 2022 wouldn’t agree with what rich white christian men decided in 1789? I mean seriously why are we still working with the same document that had absolutely no mention of women. Let us not forget it also says that African American men were barely a human being not to mention the inexistent mentioning of American American women and their children.

"Traditionally, in Native American communities, matters pertaining to women have been the business of women. All decisions concerning a woman’s reproductive health were left up to her as an individual, and her decision was respected.".. "Today, however, Native American women are no longer free to make decisions concerning their reproductive health and rights. Instead, these decisions are regulated by the federal government and by legislation that limits the reproductive health services provided by the Indian Health Service (IHS)". (directly quoted from

The pregnancy-related death rates have a likelihood of rising 20 percent if the supreme vote to dismantle Roe V Wade and states decide to outlaw legal abortions. I have never had an abortion but I have plenty of friends who have told their stories. The idea that one day my friend won’t be able to tell me her story of successful abortion because she’s dead from an illegal one leaves me angry.

The constitution never protected us and that is the sad fact. It is time we change everything, it is time we take that ratty piece of paper and do what Thomas would do if he were here, burn it. It does not align with our beliefs no matter how hard these privileged white women and men try tell us that it should! Let’s show them how we feel about OUR bodies.

Our rights will be taken away If we do not stand up for ourselves it will be left to our daughters and I know that none of us want to leave this burden and horror to them.

Safe abortion access is a human right and we must keep it this way. 

96 have signed. Let’s get to 100!