Help the Elderly by Collection Petition Funds to Distribute Facial Masks via Mail

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The challenging is that the elderly need masks for protection from the Covid-19 Virus aswell; and usually they cannot get them through online stores. Theres a legal obligation to wear facial masks whilst using public transport as well as during shopping for groceries. There is a percentage of the elderly that is living alone and does not have much help, these people may have fear to go outside as well as difficulties in their daily routines.

The idea is to provide the services needed to buy and distribute the facial masks via the commercial mail system for free. Certain individuals willing to raise funds for the petition will be able to help the elderly in this situation of crisis due to lack of financial support and certain disabilities. Through this petition the elderly no longer need to find the best source for facial mask protection and can resort the means of the donations.

The benefits for the fund raises would include but are not limited to: Having a great impact on society by helping the elderly in need. A small donation of around 5 euro´s allready has an impact. Also, the more people actively participate in this petition and provide donations in the form of funds, there is a possibility of gaining a discount (given that the masks are available on the market)

At the moment, the price of Covid-19 facial protection masks fluctuates on the market. The current prices for facial masks range from 2.50 - 13,50€ per mask which therefore inhibits the elderly from buying necessary protective means.

*We would assume that the donation would cover the essential need for the number of masks required by the average elderly citizen. (2 masks a week)