Revoke the Permits for the Rum Distillery & Repeal the Non-Germane Amendment to Act 8569b

Revoke the Permits for the Rum Distillery & Repeal the Non-Germane Amendment to Act 8569b

July 4, 2022
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Senator Kurt A. Vialet and 6 others
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Why this petition matters

Please sign the petition to let the Governor of the Virgin Islands, 34th Legislature of the Virgin Islands, Bureau of Land Use Appeals, and VI DPNR know that we, the community, want the building permit and earth change permits for Raising Cane's distillery revoked. We also want the non-germane amendment to Act 8569(b) repealed.

We, the community, want the Decision Makers to know that passing zoning changes into law without public notice is illegal. Act 8569(b) allowed the Mahogany Rd Distillery permits to be passed, but also opens up the possibility of any new distillery of any size to open on nearly any agricultural land in the Virgin Islands. 

This petition is open for all to sign, but IF you live or have land in the VI, we especially want to make sure you list that as your location next to your petition signature. If you would like to collect paper petition signatures, download and print this paper petition and email us a photo or PDF of the filled up sheet to

DPNR has issued a "Construct Commercial Distillery" building permit for an industrial building in an agricultural zoned area bordering residential neighborhoods. We need to pressure that this permit be revoked ASAP!

Zoning was changed without public notice. Act No. 8569(b) was passed without public notice. Act No. 8569(b) removes the term “Rum Distillation” from the definition of prohibited activities in Title 29 Section 225. This changed Act allowed the company, Raising Cane, to file a building permit to build a rum distillery on Mahogany Rd, Frederiksted, literally within a few feet of adjoining residential properties. For over fifty years, rum distillation operations have been restricted to the I-2 Heavy Industrial Zone. This Act will have major implications throughout the Virgin Islands. We need to pressure decision makers to repeal this Act! 

The building permit was granted unlawfully, without any public notice or any public hearing. The non-germane amendment to Act 8569 must be repealed and the zoning law must be followed to allow for public input on this most important matter.

  • This legislation intentionally bypassed the rezoning process that is intended to protect local persons and places from the kind of threat the people of Estate Prosperity and all of Frederiksted now face.
  • The amendment to Act 8569 was apparently drafted, presented, passed, and signed into law at breakneck speed. DPNR was given notice of the Bill, but was not asked to comment on it.
  • This amendment to the Zoning Law took place with no notice to adjoining property owners or to the people of Frederiksted, no public hearing and no opportunity to educate the people signing the bill into law of the possible effect of environmental impacts to the surrounding Frederiksted neighborhoods, neighborhoods, and waterfront areas.
  • This bill was signed on March 24, 2022. You can see the signed Act 8569 here and how vague Section 2's wording is. 
  • There has been no consideration of the potential size of this distillery, only that the 
  • No building plans have been made public. No environmental impact assessment has been done. No understanding of what impact this 'small craft distillery' may have on the community and environment.
  • This law change can affect other businesses on Agricultural lands as well.
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Signatures: 636Next Goal: 1,000
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Decision Makers

  • Senator Kurt A. Vialet
  • Senator Novelle E. Francis
  • Senator Donna Frett-Gregory
  • Senator Marvin A. Blyden
  • Governor Albert Bryan Jr.