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Revoke the GuZoo operating license & shut it down!

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Since it opened in 1990 the Guzoo has defended itself against constant allegations of animal abuse and negligence but somehow managed to stay open despite countless eye witness, video and pictorial evidence of less than substandard living conditions for these poor animals. The most recent video taken Canada Day of this year was obtained by an anonymous whistleblower and has undeniable evidence that these animals are experiencing horrendous and abusive living conditions (view here: ) . They are in desperate need of appropriate care and need to be relocated to sanctuaries as soon as possible.   Concerned Albertans for Animal Welfare and Public Safety has brought this video to light and are working to take action. Please join them on facebook (link: ) and website (link: ) There is an protest being organized in Edmonton Alberta in regards to this (event: and Calgary but please feel free to organize others in solidarity if you do not live here. The more voices, attention and people we have on this the more pressure will be on the Alberta Government and the less time these animals will have to continue to suffer through the Gustafson's roadside jail.   We ask the Alberta Government to revoke the Guzoos operating license for good!   Since 2011, considerable media and public attention has been given to the deplorable conditions  at GuZoo, Canada’s largest roadside “zoo” located in Three Hills,  forcing the Alberta Government to take notice of the issues and bring in zoo industry professionals from CAZA to do a real, thorough inspection by June. It was named the worst roadside zoo in Canada by Zoocheck and is an embarrassment to Albertans and Candians alike. The suffering of the animals kept at GuZoo is a direct result  of the owners' blatant noncompliance of the Alberta Zoo Standards and  the Alberta Government’s ineffectiveness in enforcing its own laws. The  government’s lack of enforcement presents not only a considerable risk  to the animals living at the zoo but also to the general public visiting GuZoo.     The CAZA Report can be found here:   Following the scathing results of the CAZA report,  the  decomissioning of GuZoo was to start immediately. Unfortunately Guzoo decided to try and fight this decomissioning order, by taking the Alberta  Government to court for a Judicial Review. GuZoo felt that it was their right to own animals no matter what. Owner Lynn Gustafson stated on several occasions that he would rather kill his animals and have them stuffed then send them to sanctuaries.  Despite the fact that Zoocheck  Canada had offered not only to help find suitable homes for all the animals, but also to pay for transport.    From June 2011 until October of 2012 GuZoo operated under a series of  temporary permits while the matter was before the courts. In October of  2012, despite overwhelming knowledge of GuZoo's inablility to follow the  rules, the Alberta Government QUIETLY gave  them back their operating permit and the legal battle ended. At that  point in time, GuZoo closed their doors to the public and were open for the winter only. Visitors were  allowed visits by appointment, including season pass holders. This little trick was done on purpose because in Alberta, the provincial SPCA can only drop in nd inspect the welfare of animals at a business that keeps regular business hours. This was a strategic move to STOP any and all complaints about animals in their care from getting to the proper  authorities.   Needless to say this has been a frustrating and heartbreaking situation for animal loving Albertans. We need everyone's help. Please review the call to action below. Thanks you all in advance. Together we can do this! The animals at Guzoo really need you!!!   Call to Action:          1.  Please sign and share this petition everywhere you can. Join the twitter and letterstorm campaigns          2. Please contact your MLA and let them know how you feel about Guzoo          3. Please contact The Premier of Alberta, Alison Redford: Calling from metro-Edmonton: 780-427-2251, Calling long-distance in Alberta: dial 310-0000 toll-free, Outside of Alberta: 780-427-2711 and the Minister of Sustainable Resources and Development Diana McQueen:, Call Toll Free Alberta: 310-ESRD (3773),Toll Free: 1 877 944-0313        4. Please share the video and photos from Guzoo and tell your friends. We need these to go viral so we get the attention of the AB government.        5. Attend the protest on July 22, 2013 if you are in the Edmonton area or start one in your area in solidarity. This will be your chance to be heard!        THANK-YOU      

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