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Petitioning Investigations Dental Board Of California and 9 others

Revoke the California dental license of Dr. Edward Esser Dove!!!!

Edward Esser Dove has multiple allegations of medical malpractice, abuse and endangerment. He has complaints going back twenty years to current day. The abuse has gone long enough and parents want something done about it. We want his license revoked permanently and proper charges brought up for the assault he has taken upon the children of California.

On the Facebook page "StopEdward Dove DDS of California" you can read the incidents first hand from the mouths of the children and families that have been effected by this child abusive dentist. .

Please take the time to share this information with your families and friends so no child falls victim to his practices again. Too many have ended up in his care for that reason all ready.

Letter to
Investigations Dental Board Of California
News Desk MSNBC
Assistant Executive Office of the Ca dental board Denise Johnson
and 7 others
Executive Officer of the dental board of Ca Richard DeCuir
Enforcement Chief of the Ca dental board Kimberly Trefry
Licensing and Examinations manager of the Ca Dental board Dawn Dill
Dental License Renewals of California David Wolf
Complaint manager for the Dental Board of California Lori Ries
Kern County District Attorney and assistant Lisa Green / Mark Pafford
Main News Desk NBC
I just signed the following petition addressed to:Dental Board Of California investigation of Edward Esser Dove DDS. I am requesting that a full investigation into the multiple allegations of abuse and malpractice. Edward Esser Dove has complaints going back twenty years and the abuse of children by him has gone on long enough.

Revoke his license permanently and bring proper charges for his assault on the children of California.