Veterinary Medical Board: Revoke Dr. Nisar Ahmed's License and Help Save Animals

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Dr. Nisar Ahmed of All Creatures Animal Hospital in Murrieta, CA has been accused of MULTIPLE accounts of negligence and incompetence, (recorded on the Veterinary Medical Board’s record website ( ) by not only employees, but from previous patients. He is currently on a 5 year probation period as of 2014 and yet continues his practices today. Incidents started as early as 2010:

"[Wildomar resident Patricia] Brown said that on Aug. 3, 2010, she took her 3-year-old Maine Coon cat, Daxton, to the [All Creatures Animal] hospital for grooming. Daxton was sedated by Ahmed and his entire body was shaved by a veterinary technician. Later that day Daxton was discharged.

Brown thought it was odd that when she picked Daxton up that his blanket was draped over his cat carrier. She was told by hospital staff that Daxton would probably be embarrassed and hide because of his shortened hair. When Brown took him home he ran from his carrier and hid from her for several days.

Four days later Brown was able to get near enough to Daxton to notice that he was lethargic, had lameness in his left hind leg and a hard blackened area over his left thigh.

'Stupidly, I took him back to All Creatures,' she said.

Ahmed determined that Daxton might have a chemical burn injury affecting his leg and admitted him to the hospital for treatment. Ahmed wanted to remove the burn scab, but Brown wanted him to wait.

Ahmed removed the burn scab anyway, she said.

'He just ripped off the scab,' Brown said, adding that she heard from hospital staff that he didn’t sedate Daxton prior to the procedure. Ahmed gave her a bag of medicines to apply on Daxton’s wound.

Daxton was discharged Aug. 11, but Brown was still concerned about his injury so she sought a second opinion the next day at the Valley Veterinary Clinic in Murrieta. Dr. Thomas Worfel evaluated and treated Daxton’s wound over a nine-week period, consulting with a burn specialist in New York. She said that Worfel told her that he has had to fix up many of Ahmed’s 'bunglings.'

Worfel also told Brown that Daxton didn’t have a chemical burn, but was placed sedated on a heating pad that burned him. He had her throw away the medicines that Ahmed had given her because one was for dogs and the other had alcohol in it and 'would have burned him to death,' she said.

Ahmed reimbursed Brown for Daxton’s medical expenses at his hospital and she took him to Small Claims Court to recover over $5,000 in medical expenses she paid to the second hospital. She said he brought people in to testify as witnesses that she’d never seen before. 'The lies were unbelievable,' she said.

Ultimately she lost the case because she couldn’t prove how Daxton was burned. Ahmed tried to countersue Brown to get back the money he’d paid her, but the judge denied his request.

After losing her case, Brown filed a complaint with the VMB and was asked to be a witness in the state’s case.

'He shouldn’t be practicing at all,' she said. 'He doesn’t like animals obviously. He needs to have his license taken away.'"

From a My Valley News article

Many others on Facebook told of their experiences, and many continue to come forward as of July of 2017:

EDIT (July 31st, 2017) Previous Worker's Experience:

"[This dog] was left by his owner cause they couldn't afford the procedure. So he was up for 'adoption' then when I looked for him one morning one of the workers laughed and said he was in the freezer because his 30 days was up... I had to go outside because I started crying, I was super attached to him. His name was Bison. When his owner came in to check on him about two months later, the worker who knew what happened didn't know what to say so I brought him to the back and told him to tell her the truth about what happened. The dogs owner had to leave. So she thought he was still there up for adoption.."

“They almost killed my neighbors dog! She was barely stitched up after an operation, looked like her guts were falling out. They had to take the dog to a different vet just to be properly stitched and cared for because it then became an infected mess! Stay FAR away from that place!” says one individual.

“Today, I went in for a working interview at All Creatures Animal Hospital,” says Timothy Chafin on Facebook. “Dr. Ahmed treats the animals very bad. He was trying to get me to choke and drag a dog into the little cage. He was a little puppy! He could have picked him up.” Timothy also states that the hospital smells of urine and feces, and that he was not provided gloves to wash and clean bloodied towels.

“We took my dogs there. He had cut his head on the fence. They took him back and had to do surgery because of fear for infection apparently. They then put a drain tube in with the stiches. So we take him home. Come back a week later to get the tube removed and the assistant lady took out the tube and all the stiches… when we got home his incision split open. We had to rush him back where the doctor took him back to the back room and put staples in his head as without anesthetic and I could hear him screaming from the lobby. I had to walk outside crying. They are butchers. Horrible cruel people.”

“When I was there for a working interview, he did 2 surgeries on 2 different dogs and both times he cheaped out on the anesthesia and both dogs woke up as soon as he started surgery. And was also looking on Craiglist for a used sterilization machine because a new one cost too much. I stayed the whole working interview because I was warning the clients in the room while he was gone. I would tell them to not go back. And that their dogs did not need that specific useless surgery and home remedies instead of thousands of dollars for medication that was not needed. I wish I could have recorded it all.”

It is time for not only the hospital to be shut down, but for Dr. Ahmed’s license to be revoked. Too many horrible incidents have happened over the span of multiple years and although minimal things have been done, his practices somehow continue to effect multiple animals and owners.

We need as much support as possible to stop this. Media outlets and the VMB have been contacted, but this petition will help bring more attention to the cause and urge higher-ups to revoke his license and possibly shut down the hospital.

It is our moral obligation to speak up for the abused animals who deserve justice, as well as the owners who are traumatized and hurt by this doctor.

Please sign today.