Revoke Carrie Lam's Honorary Fellowship to Wolfson College, Cambridge University

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"The mission of the University of Cambridge is to contribute to society through the pursuit of education, learning and research at the highest international levels of excellence. The University of Cambridge's two core values are: Freedom of thought and expression, Freedom from discrimination." - Quoted from the University of Cambridge's website.

Last year, Carrie Lam received an Honourary Fellowship by Wolfson College shortly after becoming Hong Kong Chief Executive. In her victory speech, she pledged to the residents of Hong Kong: "My priority will be to heal the divide and to ease the frustration – and to unite our society to move forward."

In her time as the Chief Executive, her government has created an environment of fear, oppression and chaos among the residents of Hong Kong. Heavily impacting young people studying at Hong Kongs Universities, some of which are the highest-ranking and most respected in the world.

She has refused to listen to the students and wider residents of Hong Kong in their cries to end the conflict and insists on further oppression. Going as far as to declare the student protesters "Enemies of the People", inciting further aggression and targeting by pro-Beijing groups.

This week, the Chinese University of Hong Kong became a battleground where students were forced to defend themselves against the brutal police force. Other universities in the area have built defences on campus and in student halls of residence. International exchange students have been advised to leave, and mainland Chinese students have been evacuated. Schools have been shut down and the universities are either cancelling lessons or are ending the semester early.

The young people of Hong Kong are being isolated, with no one to protect them. They are supported by the people of the city and their tutors, but are very much the front line of this conflict. They are currently awaiting further action from the police, and are afraid of what level of force will be used in the coming days, with some predicting extreme lethal aggression sanctioned by Lam and her government.

Carrie Lam is against freedom of speech, freedom of assembly and regularly discriminates with her actions, particularly against students. This goes against the core values of Cambridge University, and it is unreasonable for her to benefit from prestigious western institutions if she does everything in her power to attack and shame their core values. Having a great name such as Cambridge is extremely beneficial to her career, and has no doubt contributed to her credibility worldwide.

With no authorities, governments or institutions to support the students, Cambridge has this unique opportunity to send the world, and Ms Lam, the message that they will defend young people who seek the right to education and free speech. 

The timing could not be more urgent, with the impending attack on the universities in Hong Kong looming. Many students don't know what will happen, but are determined to defend themselves and their way of life, potentially at the cost of their own lives.

They will never forget the people who have aided them, but they will also not forget those who stood by and didn't act. 

The young people of Hong Kong are fighting to uphold the ideals of the west. We, The West, have a responsibility to help them and show them that they are not alone. Otherwise, who are we to live by and promote these ideals?

This petition calls on Wolfson College, Cambridge, to revoke Carrie Lam's Honorary Fellowship, and further disassociate themselves with her and her government's actions.

For anyone from Hong Kong, feel free to write your experiences in the comments on this petition. The West needs to hear your stories.