Revoke Carhart's Medical License & Suspend the License of Abortion Facility

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Revoke Carhart's Medical License & Suspend the License of Abortion Facility

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Defend Life started this petition to Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene Joshua M. Sharfstein, M.D. and

   We the undersigned respectfully request the following FOUR immediate actions be taken to prevent more patients like Jennifer McKenna Morbelli (29) and Christin Gilbert (19) from being killed by Dr. Leroy Carhart or Germantown Reproductive Health Services.

   Maryland Board of Physicians should immediately revoke the medical license of Leroy Carhart.

   Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene should immediately suspend the operating license of Germantown Reproductive Health Clinic.

   Dr. Jay H. Samuels and Todd Michael Stave should shut down Germantown Reproductive Health Services until all law enforcement and regulatory body investigations are fully complete.

   Maryland House of Delegates and State Senate should each pass Pain Capable Fetal Protection bills.  SB 456 and HB 1312 would ban abortions in Maryland past 20 weeks from fertilization similar to legislation already passed in Alabama, Arkansas, Idaho, Indiana, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Nebraska.


   Germantown Reproductive Health Services is a Germantown, Maryland abortion clinic that provides late term abortions up to 39 weeks gestation.

   The clinic owners, Dr. Jay Samuels and Todd Michael Stave recruited the notorious late term abortionist Dr. Leroy Carhart to perform 3rd trimester  abortions on fully viable pre-born babies up to the day before they are born.

   Dr. Leroy Carhart has a long and troubled history as an abortion provider across America.

Allegations against Leroy Carhart and his abortion practice include:

   Illegally Dumping Fetal Tissue

   Illegally Dumping Hazardous Bio-Medical Waste

   Unlicensed Workers Illegally Performing Medical Tasks

   Illegal Post-Viability Abortions in Nebraska

   Improper Infection Control Protocols Training

   Drug Violations

   Drug Disposal Violations

   Financial Malfeasance

   Violating Patient Standard of Care

   Improper Equipment Sterilization

   Falsified Entries on Patient Records

   Failure to Maintain Proper Hygiene

   Violating HIPAA Regulations Regarding Patient Records

   Reprimanded by the Nebraska Department of Health

   Admonished by the Maryland Board of Physicians

   In February, 2013, Leroy Carhart conducted a Late-Term (33 week) abortion on a 29 year old kindergarten teacher named Jennifer Leigh Morbelli that resulted in her death from two causes according to the Chief Medical Examiner.

   The first cause listed is an “amniotic fluid embolism following termination of pregnancy.” That means amniotic fluid surrounding the pre-born baby entered the patient’s bloodstream, causing a life-threatening condition.

   The second cause of death was listed as “disseminated intravascular coagulation,” or DIC, a condition where small blood clots form and absorb the clotting agents in the blood to the point where profuse bleeding can occur.

   The DIC determination is consistent with information provided by a confidential source that Morbelli suffered profuse internal bleeding and hematocrit levels that were “incompatible with life.”

   Jennifer tragically died on Thursday, February 7, 2013 from these complications in her 3rd trimester (33 weeks) abortion performed by Leroy Carhart.

   Carhart could not be located by phone or in person to treat Mrs. Morbelli when her family repeatedly attempted to contact his office on the evening of Wednesday, Feb. 6th, and the early morning of Thursday, Feb. 7th.

   Morbelli was instructed in clinic paperwork not to go to the emergency room but to call Dr. Carhart and he would meet them at the clinic.  Sadly, one of the numbers given to patients to call went to Carhart’s horse equipment business.

   In January, 2005, Leroy Carhart conducted a Late-Term (28 week) abortion on a 19-year old Down Syndrome patient named Christin Gilbert that resulted in horrific complications, including a torn uterus, internal hemorrhaging, acute bronchopneumonia, cramping, vomiting, and sepsis, a fatal infection that was not properly diagnosed.

   Christin tragically died on Thursday, January 13, 2005 from these complications in her 3rd trimester abortion performed by Leroy Carhart.



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