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Revoke Banks' License to Steal. Stop Forced Arbitration.


Wall Street banks have been granted a license to steal and violate the law.  It’s called forced arbitration.  Buried in the fine print of many bank and credit card contracts are dangerous forced arbitration clauses that eliminate access to justice and replace it with a secretive tribunal rigged in favor of Wall Street.

Forced arbitration is Corporate America’s Trojan Horse – a campaign to eliminate access to the courts and individual rights and replace them with Big Businesses’ own dispute mill. Most Americans do not even know forced arbitration exists, but when banks write the rules, Americans lose every time.

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) can revoke banks’ license to steal.  Tell the CFPB to put consumer financial security above Wall Street by stopping forced arbitration.

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  • Director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
    Richard Cordray

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