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Petitioning Assistant to the Mayor of Baltimore Ganesha Martin and 2 others

REVIVE MOONRISE FEST 2013: Give Moonrise Festival a permit to run! Let our fest happen!

I don't have to explain why this petition is important. We are ALL devastated by the news of Moonrise's cancellation. This decision is UNFAIR and was made TOO SOON. Make it clear to Steez Promos that overcrowding is OFF LIMITS and will not be tolerated, but to at least continue the festival! Rethink your decision Baltimore, for the love of the fans!!!!

Letter to
Assistant to the Mayor of Baltimore Ganesha Martin
Baltimore Chief Of Staff of Mayor's Office Alexander Sanchez
Head of Emergency Management and Public Safety, Baltimore Robert Maloney
Hello, I am a fan of Moonrise Festival and I am deeply saddened by your decision to not allow it a permit. I along with thousands of others had travel plans and happiness and anticipation to celebrate one of the best weekends in 2013, why are you choosing to deny us that? Give Moonrise Festival a permit to run! Let our fest happen!

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