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Revise Waterford's Township Ordinance Banning Pitbull Terriers and Related Breeds

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Currently the city of Waterford has a ban on the ownership of Pitbull Terriers and related breeds. This law was enacted to prevent the residents of Waterford, MI from owning these animals and in theory, eliminate the "danger" that these animals pose on the public. To the contrary, this law has done the complete opposite and has in fact, put residents at risk. It has promoted the illegal and sometimes irresponsible ownership of these animals which in turn means that there are Pitbulls in Waterford, MI who are unregistered with the county, with no identification, no proof of sterilization, no vaccination records with the county, and no way to trace the ownership if an attack were to occur.

There are also responsible owners who are forced to keep their dogs in hiding because of these laws out of fear that there beloved pet will be seized and removed from their care.

To correct this, I promote legalizing the responsible ownership of these amazing animals with the following stipulations.

1) All animals MUST be sterilized and fully vaccinated
2) All animals MUST have a current license through the county
3) All animals MUST be contained within a secure, fenced in area when outside
4) When in the public, all animals MUST have a control harness and appropriate 6 ft. leash.
5) All animals MUST be of appropriate temperament and health to be kept within the city limits.

Anyone found in violation of the above rules will be fined and have their animal seized and held for one week until the owner is in compliance with the law. If the owner fails to comply, the animal will be permanently removed from their care and if temperment and health permits, placed up for adoption.

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