Review on the decision made by court Christopher Daniel despite being found guilty

Review on the decision made by court Christopher Daniel despite being found guilty

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Started by Marisa Keegan

Christopher Daniel has been found guilty of molesting a 6 year old girl over a period of 2 years until the girl was 8 years old. However, the court decided not to prosecute. This will not show on his record and he will not be placed on the Sex Offenders Register. He will not serve jail time. He will continue to live his life as normal, despite a guilty charge.

The reason they gave - they do not expect him to reoffend and would see this is a hit to his career as a dentist, of which he is currently a student. He is a respectable young man from a good background. The court said "Any conviction would have serious consequences in terms of the accused future career. On the authorities, this was also a relevant factor in deciding how to deal with the case. Any sentence would would mean that he would probably be unable to continue with his university course." Our system is putting criminals careers before our childrens welfare. What kind of world do we live in that this is seen as an acceptable decision by the court? This girl has been abused, molested and dragged through the court system for nothing. Her mother has already stated that the court proceedings were distressing to her and were all for nothing.

This man is walking our streets, studying at our universities and will go into a career with constant contact with children. Something has to be done. We need a review of this by the court immediately. We need our universities to take a stand. Do we allow these people to study in our universities? Does the British Dental Association want people like this registered as dentists in Britain? Would you be happy sending your children into his dentist chair?

Men cannot continue to get away with these crimes and for the victims to be treated in this way. This is wrong. This decision is wrong. This sets an example for other sexual offenders and for sexual assault victims of what can happen if they come forward. This is happening here, in our country and in our city. This is real. This is our legal system which is supposed to protect us and our children. This girl was 6 years old. She does not have a voice. We have to do it for her. Something needs to be done, and it needs to be done now.

I am calling for Scotland's Justice Secretary, Humza Yousaf to explain this. This is NOT justice. No one in their right mind would think it is. The Sheriff Gerald Sinclair and anyone who made this decision should be prosecuted along side him. Sheriff Gerald Sinclair needs to step down from his role immediately. Stop arguing with other MP's on Twitter and make a change. Change this.

Please, feel free to contact our Justice Secretary about this. The more people who contact him the more likely we are to get a response and see a change. Here is the link to all of the ways you can contact him.


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69,757 have signed. Let’s get to 75,000!