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Bring back the name of Wagga Wagga Base Hospital

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In February, this year I became trapped in an elevator in the newly built Wagga Wagga Rural Referral Hospital during a freak storm. I was trapped alone. I used the emergency telephone that is provided in the elevator for such circumstances I suddenly found myself in. I got through to a female operator. I was asked “what tall building are you in?” I replied that I was trapped in an elevator located in the Wagga Wagga Rural Referral Hospital. The operator replied, “Can you repeat that dear.” Once again, I repeated the full name of the hospital. This time the operator asked me “Can you repeat the name again slowly? I can’t understand you.” I repeated the name Wagga Wagga Rural Referral Hospital more slowly as requested. This time the reply from the operator came back “I can’t help you dear, I have never heard of that building.” By this time, I had started to become upset and said Wagga Wagga Base Hospital, the new one, hoping this would help. This time the operator replied, “Oh yes I know that hospital, I have just had a call saying someone is trapped in the lift there.” After forty-five minutes, I was rescued.

This experience has prompted me to start a petition to change the name of our newly built hospital “The Wagga Wagga Rural Referral Hospital” back to the original name of “Wagga Wagga Base Hospital” as it has been referred to since 1938, and include “A Regional Referral Hospital” as a sub-title.

I have been a resident of Wagga Wagga all my life and am proud of our regional city and of our newly built hospital, however, I believe that as a resident I should have had the opportunity to be consulted and to have debate on the renaming of our hospital. I am in part pursuing this petition to allow the people of the Wagga Wagga community and surrounding districts a voice in support of having a say in the name of our regional hospital.

Changing the name back will help put an end to the confusion within the greater community, media and service providers. I have found that rarely is the hospital referred to by its full name, particularly by local media and staff. Worse still the hospital has gained an unfavourable nickname. The Feral Hospital. This in no way reflects the beautiful Start of the Art hospital that has been built.

To date I have collected 2,929 signatures in support of renaming the hospital. Of these, 2332 signatures have been tabled in the NSW Parliament by our local member Daryl Maguire MP. For this petition to be debated in Parliament they are asking for 10,000 signatures. I have made it my mission to collect as many signatures as possible to allow this to happen.

Lastly, I feel that this is our city, our hospital and I am proud of them both and it belongs to the tax payers of Wagga Wagga and surrounding districts; therefore we should have the last say in the naming of the new replacement hospital.


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