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Revert Unhelpful/Disliked Changes on ROBLOX

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I believe that everybody who is a current (and former) user of ROBLOX can agree that in the past 2-3 years ROBLOX has made extremely poor changes. This petition is targeting some of the worst changes that many users would like to see reverted or gone. We will have two main lists of changes: one that we feel is absolutely mandatory, and one with changes we could live with or without. In the end, it is up to Roblox to make the changes that we wish to see, however I feel that if we get enough voices at the table, we can make beneficial changes.

Don't get us wrong, we don't want ROBLOX to completely revert everything 3-4 years back. We have specific changes we want undone that will benefit both our gameplay and ROBLOX's player base in several ways.

We will not be focusing on other issues such as the faulty moderation system and appeals system. That's a petition for another time. This is specifically focusing on gameplay and site updates.

We will be sure to explain everything that we want changed and why we want it changed in detail in order to give ROBLOX a true idea of what we think.

We understand that ROBLOX is a million-dollar corporation aimed at kids to make more and more money. However, without the older developers (which is where a good portion of the unrest is coming from) ROBLOX won't have popular games. These developers will eventually leave when ROBLOX continues to make it un-fun for us and continue to break the games. ROBLOX is shooting themselves in the foot with some of these updates and have often completely failed to mention the updates or explain them or listen to their users.

All updates listed have been collected by a large group of users (as well as general unrest and constant complaints on the forums)

Please keep in mind, even after this petition is created, more changes will be added to the list as it is requested in majority. 

If you wish to help support this and partake in the voting process of adding new bulletpoints, join our discord server:

If you're a ROBLOX user (current or former) please go to this document to help contribute to the cause.

This petition is not only to make the game better, but also to save ROBLOX from a transition into a community full of little kids, which would ultimately destroy ROBLOX in the long run economically and popularity-wise.

Mandatory Changes

These are changes that we feel are completely useless and unhelpful. In some cases these updates have been the tipping point for some players, causing them to leave ROBLOX. 

  • Downgrade the chat filters - (Feb 24th, 2017) We can all agree that the chat filters on ROBLOX are way too much. The ones we have used before worked just fine and didn't censor irrelevant words. ROBLOX needs to re-implement the safechat feature and give the rest of us our old text chat. Not only has this affected gameplay, but it has also affected groups, forum threads, and even the most essential part of the site: The search feature. Now, things not even closely related to what you searched for show up.
  • Revert the new Server update - (7/13/2017) Forcing players to only join servers that their friends are in is disgusting. It appeals to little kids who literally are incapable of either scrolling down and searching their friend's name or going to their friend's profile. Other than that, it is a hassle to every person on the site and it makes waiting times to join a server even longer than before. Not to mention, it completely prevents you from joining smaller servers if you choose to do so. I believe the outrage on the forums speaks volumes for this topic.
  • Revert the game configuring update - Nobody asked for ROBLOX to make the change to move the active/inactive button to an entirely new tab. That was unwanted and unnecessary, and now it causes many people lots of trouble and made it much less accessible. 

Non-Mandatory Changes

These are changes that we feel are useless, but we can potentially survive with or without these updates being changed. They may have caused a lot of unrest in the past, but they are worth mentioning.

  • Revert the removal of tix - (April 15th, 2016) The removal of tix created an insane amount of unrest, and ROBLOX's excuse was because it was making them lose money. People were using tix farms. The fix to tix would have been much simpler, such as creating an IP-based security system to prevent accounts who have ever shared the same IP from being able to sell/buy t-shirts from the two accounts.
  • Revert the price floor - The price floor is unnecessary and it's merely another stunt to make people buy Robux and BC. Remove the price floor and make things affordable again. Group owners surely don't appreciate the price floor because they now have to spend hundreds giving robux out to individuals instead of using that same money for ads and furthering their group.


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