Reverse the Unjust Suspension of Dr.Ahn From the University of Central Florida

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Dr. Kollbe Ahn was suspended from the University of Central Florida on 9/20/19 for posting a satirical youtube video that the administration did not support. The video was addressing a student in the class that accused him of not teaching organic chemistry and reported him to the department of Chemistry. It turned out to be a misunderstanding as the class had a special seminar scheduled for the day and Organic Chemistry material was in fact being taught on all other days. In response to the situation, Dr.Ahn posted a video to his youtube channel addressing the situation with his "Anger Translator". Dr.Ahn told the class that the video was a joke during the lecture and ensured that the student did not need to worry about any retaliation. Dr.Ahn treated the class like a family and the class does not agree with the University's decision to disrupt the course curriculum led by him. Many of the students intentionally signed up for this specific class because of his unique teaching style and changing the professor mid-semester would not be fair to the class. Dr.Ahn acted appropriately during all lectures and the youtube video created was outside of the classroom. Dr. Ahn was exercising his freedom of speech OUTSIDE of his class and the class believes his suspension is unjust to him and every student in that class.