Reveal Treatment Of Orangutans At Rasa Ria RESORT

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Reveal Treatment Of Orangutans At Rasa Ria RESORT

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Friends of the Orangutans (Malaysia) started this petition to Malaysian Government Official and

Dear Minister,

This year, we came across the details of “TENTEN” on Shangri-la Rasa Ria's Facebook, at this link:

We understand at least four emails have been sent to you, Dr. Ambu and others, but Dr. Ambu has chosen to remain silent. Why the secrecy? Surely everyone realises continued silence on this matter will only raise our suspicions?

Please could you arrange for Dr. Laurentius Ambu to respond to the following questions?

- why “Tenten” the orphaned orangutan (see link above) was sent to a holiday resort rather than retained at Sepilok for rehabilitation? Isn’t Sepilok better able to administer the care and expertise required of such a young orangutan? We imagine donors to Orangutan Appeal UK would be alarmed and very disappointed to discover Sepilok is passing on cute babies to a luxurious hotel.

- was anyone arrested and prosecuted for the killing Tenten's adult mother?

- In Rasa Ria's Facebook, they claim Tenten was rescued in Keningau. But we were told by the Keningau SWD office "no orangutans have been rescued in Keningau in the last few years"?

- what is the money raised through sponsorship at this hotel used for?

- We were informed Cinta got infected by Melioidosis while she was at Rasa Ria. Where is she now and what is her condition?

- How many orangutans have died at Rasa Ria in the last five years? In this regard we have received a worrying report.

We came across a video of an orangutan from Rasa Ria from last year, all dressed up for visitors' amusement. In the video, she is squeking because she wants to be held, and not dangled like that. What you see is WRONG. That is not rehabilitation, but EXPLOITATION.

Yours sincerely,

Upreshpal Singh
Founder & Director
Friends of the Orangutans

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This petition had 1,864 supporters