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Petitioning Contact Point in US Consulate of Dubai, UAE Karen Wagner and 3 others

Reunite 2 American Girls with their Mother, Demand Action of US State Dept of Children's Affairs!

Please Put Pressure on the Office of Children's Affairs to Make This Case a Priority!  Let's Get These Girls Back Home to Their Mother!

For MORE THAN THREE AND A HALF YEARS, I (the little girls' mother) have been pleading with the US State Dept of Children's Affairs and US Embassy of UAE to intervene on the behalf of my 3 daughters who are currently being held hostage by their father in United Arab Emirates.

3 American girls, ages 18, 14, and 9 have been held hostage by their Islamic extremist American father for the past Three Years and Seven Months after leaving for a 3 week visitation to United Arab Emirate (UAE) May 2010.  Their lives changed forever when their OWN father took their passports and told them they would never leave UAE or see their mother again. 

My oldest girl, now 18, now reunited with me because she is an adult by US law, is still fighting to help her sisters join us.

But the US Embassy of UAE could intervene. Both parents are US Citizens and this is a matter of 3 American girls’ lives.  If the girls' plight had enough publicity, they would be forced to take action on the part of Moza and ZamZam, the 2 little girls that are suffering the ultimate loss of a caring and loving mother who has devoted her life to them. 

US State Dept of Children's Affairs, the office who oversees cases of international kidnapping, has been of very little help, and has stated there is nothing they can do, even though the father is also an American citizen. There has been only TWO visitations of the children by the US Embassy of Dubai, which lasted for 30 minutes.  The reports afterwards called the situation “fine”, with full knowledge that during the first visit, all the 3 MINOR GIRLS were living completely alone in one apartment, while the father and his new wife and child lived in another! 

Now, he has everyone living together, with 2 MORE new children, but Moza is still completely responsible for all the care of her sister, ZamZam. And now the step mother has started to both verbally and physically abuse my 2 younger daughters, telling them that she "will beat the youngest every day she lives here" until she shows "respect".

The children have repeatedly called their "US Embassy case worker" with no effect! The oldest girl has had to care for the younger two: cooking and cleaning for them, putting them to bed, helping them with their homework.  The situation is not fine.  Imagine being 4 and being told you would never see your mother again.  Imagine being 10.  Imagine being 14.  Now imagine you knew she was waiting for you, and you could not get to her.  Now imagine you've have 4 birthdays, and still haven't seen her.

Please support these three little American girls.  They deserve to have all the rights of other American citizens and their father's extremist Islamic militant views should not keep them away from their own mother, their LEGAL guardian.

Please sign our petition.  We will be sending this directly to the US State Department of Children's Affairs.  These children need your help!


Letter to
Contact Point in US Consulate of Dubai, UAE Karen Wagner
US Ambassador to UAE Richard Olson
Office of Children's Issues U.S. Department of State, CA/OCS/CI Jessika Sandel
and 1 other
Office of Children's Issues (CA/OCS/CI) U.S Department of State Zeina M. Hinnawi
We want to know what you're doing for the Asad Children: Ibtisam, Moza and ZamZam. They have been separated from their legal guardian for MORE THAN 3 years, and they are American citizens, like you and me. We insist that something substantial be done to assist their mother, who is their legal guardian.

If the US Government chooses to get involved, there are many avenues they could help these children. Why haven't you acted? These children have expressed a desire to go back to their mother, and their mother has been doing everything she can to get them back to her. One visit by the Embassy Staff is not adequate protection for these children. She has filed all the paperwork to put a Passport Alert on Ibtisam, Moza and ZamZam and yet the father is able to travel internationally with them, without any notification given to the mother! How is this possible?

Action on this case must be taken. Please assist the mother with legal aid, please assist the family that is willing to travel to UAE with someone who can accompany them to the UAE court to have this matter resolved.

This needs to be done now. These girls have suffered long enough. It's been 3 YEARS, 7 MONTHS.

A Concerned Citizen