Return the money owed me before I die

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I spent my entire life working to achieve my dream of working in television and movies. When I was hired on a high profile miniseries, I remember looking around at all the hustle and bustle on set, and grinning on the inside, because I knew I had finally made it. Those days seem so far away to me now. Today, I am battling terminal cancer without health insurance, and living out of my car. My life went from Hollywood fairy tale to horror story, and Wells Fargo is to blame.

I had a period of financial hardship, and ended up defaulting on my home mortgage. Wells Fargo foreclosed on my home and sold it at auction for $516,000. The amount I owed on the loan was $200,000, leaving a surplus of approximately $316,000 that belongs to me. So far, I haven’t seen a cent.

I just want to keep some of my dignity while I battle my cancer. Living in my car, wondering where my next meal will come from, and when I can get my next hot shower, does not feel very dignified. I am calling on Wells Fargo to do what is right. They got their money. It is now time for them to give me back the money I paid into my home.

When asked about this, Wells Fargo has only produced excuses and roadblocks. They say it may take 6 months for the money to get to me. I don’t know if I’ll still be around in 6 months. I am turning to you with this petition, because, with your help, I can get my money before it’s too late.

Wells Fargo has billions of dollars. It baffles me that they would take such pains to not pay me the money they owe me. It’s a drop in the ocean for them. For me, it’s a roof over my head and proper health care in the last months of my life. Please sign my petition and help me get the money I am owed.

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