Return the construction of the Pierhouse in Brooklyn Bridge Park to be consistent with the plans approved in 2005.

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Return the construction of the Pierhouse in Brooklyn Bridge Park to be consistent with the plans approved in 2005.

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A Petition to Save the View

Love the Manhattan Skyline and Brooklyn Bridge views from the Promenade?
We are in danger of losing them;
We have been misled;
It is time to fight back.

The construction of the Pier House in Brooklyn Bridge Park must be halted pending a full review.

This petition is for the residents of Brooklyn Heights, all of Brooklyn, all of New York and the millions of tourists who visit our great city.


A carefully crafted compromise agreement was struck in 2005 to allow the construction of a hotel and condo complex on the north side of Brooklyn Bridge Park. This agreement preserved the views from the Brooklyn Promenade Special Scenic View District and stipulated that the maximum height of any portion of the new structure would not pierce the 100 foot height of the buildings demolished to make room for the new complex.

While the community was not thrilled with the thought of a large new structure that is out of character with the rest of the neighborhood, there was general agreement to go forward in order to secure funding for Brooklyn Bridge Park. This park space is sorely needed as Brooklyn has the smallest amount of park space per capita of all the five boroughs.

The painstakingly negotiated compromise has now been tossed aside without community support or careful review.

The construction of the Pier House is already obstructing the views of the Brooklyn Bridge from the Promenade. This is due to the addition of 3 stories, over 30 feet of additional height, added that was not part of the original agreement or plan. If not removed, this addition will forever rob the citizens of New York and the millions of tourists of this protected and iconic view so that Toll Brothers can reap tens of millions of dollars in excess profits.

Current Situation

Despite trying, no one is able to get detailed information on the actual current design plan for the building.

The Hotel side of the construction is clearly obstructing the view of the Brooklyn Bridge , the Empire State Building and the Chrysler Building from the Promenade and the Fruit Street Sitting Area. This is in violation of the 2005 agreement and the Special Scenic View District regulation that states:

The Special Scenic View District (SV) is intended to prevent obstruction of outstanding scenic views as seen from a public park, esplanade or mapped public place. No buildings or structures are allowed to penetrate a scenic view plane except by special permit of the City Planning Commission. The Brooklyn Heights Scenic View District (SV-1) extends over an area west of the Brooklyn Heights Promenade to protect the views of the Lower Manhattan skyline, Governors Island, the Statue of Liberty and the Brooklyn Bridge.

We have been told over and over again that the views would not be obstructed by this building. This may have been true had the hotel adhered to the agreed upon100 foot limit specified in the 2005 Final Environmental Impact Statement, and the 2011 Pier 1 Hotel and Residential Development Request for Proposal and Development Presentation, however, the building is now estimated to be over 130 feet tall, a 30% increase in height.

We have no idea how tall the residential structure is going to be. The 2005 and 2011 documents specify a maximum envelope height of 55 feet. Has this changed?

These iconic protected views are for millions to enjoy. They have been featured in countless movies and draw tourists from around the world. Strolling up and down the Promenade and enjoying the views is a favorite pastime for Brooklynites and New Yorkers alike. The views deserve to be protected and not simply given away so that only those few that can afford them can appreciate the full vista.

The undersigned demand:

1) Halt construction immediately until an independent review can take place.

2) Verify that no portion of the residential structure that is currently under construction, including any equipment, utilities or substructures, exceed the 55 foot building envelope specified in the above mentioned 2005 and 2011 documents. This is what the community has been told over and over again and does not represent any change.

3) Remove the portion of the hotel structure that exceeds 100 feet to restore the view of the Brooklyn Bridge from the Promenade. This is a return to the specification laid out in the 2005 and 2011 documents and what the community agreed to.

4) Set up an architectural review process reporting to the community to review any and all modification to plans that occur in order to ensure that future modifications adhere to the above points.


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This petition had 7,067 supporters