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On May 16, 2011 Michael A. Terpening was visited by CPS workers with a false accusation and ordered to leave his home and 8 children (the false allegation had NOTHING to do with his children). Because he knew the allegation was false and hoping to help with the investigation, he did not argue and readily complied. Believing that the State CPS worker was working in the best interests of all involved, he felt that he would only be gone a day or two at the most. After being presented with numerous documentations of proof that nothing happened, the CPS workers continue to keep Michael from his family. Because his wife is being supportive of her husband, she is now being investigated for the alleged crime of neglect. For each child that is removed from a home CPS receives between $3,000 and $5,000 per month per child. This family alone can bring CPS $288,000 - $480,000 per year (approx), via Title 4-D funding and TANF. It’s time to get Michael A. Terpening home with his family! It’s time that we stop allowing the CPS workers the carte blanche that allow them to keep families separated, causing more harm than good. Our Children are not commodities to be bought and sold by the State!

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I just signed the following petition addressed to: State of Michigan.

Return Michael Terpening to his Family

Michael Terpening is a husband and father of 8 children who has been removed from this home via CPS workers under false allegations. He is being charged with fictitious crimes which will soon be proven in a Court of Law. The fact that he is even involved in a Court of Law is a travesty in itself.

A County CPS worker has taken it upon herself to ‘try and convict’ him of a crime without any evidence, enlisting in the help of other State workers. Because their isn’t any evidence, the State is attempting to manufacture evidence against him. Accusing him of other things which have no bearing on the original charge, such as being a Homosexual. Because he has a clean record, never being convicted of anything (other than a speeding ticket) the State is having a difficult time creating any evidence against him.

In the mean time his children and wife are doing their very best to hold it together in the hopes that Daddy will soon return home. The children range in age from 11 to 1 month. They do not understand why their father cannot be at home, Their Mother is doing her best to explain that daddy will be home soon. The children have been seeing a Counselor with their concerns, the Counselor does not understand why their father is not allowed to come home either. The children have not suffered any abuse the state is alleging, with documentation to prove it. The State CPS workers are refusing to accept this.

Please we are imploring you, as State Officials, to look into the case of Michael Aaron Terpening, see that these charges are fictitious, get them dropped and let him return to his family, where he is needed the most.


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