Petition Closed

In recent weeks, the Rochester Police Department has targeted groups of students from the Rochester City School District. The students have gathered after school to transfer buses at the landmark Liberty Pole in downtown Rochester, New York.  In a video story at produced by Max Schulte a police representative said:

“They [the students] try to dance, what they call jerking…were not allowing that.  It can turn into a problem in a hurry so we’ve decided not to allow it at all”.

The irony of “we’ve decided” and “not to allow it at all” at the LIBERTY POLE should be obvious to even the most conservative.

Join me in this petition to ask David T. Moore, Chief of Police and Louis Burgos, Commissioner of Recreation and Youth Services to positively engage the students in productive activities and performances.

Students should be encouraged to explore literacy and celebrate culture where it happens naturally.


Letter to
Chief of Police, Rochester Police Dept David T. Moore
Commissioner, Recreation and Youtrh Services Louis Burgos
I am writing to encourage you to explore opportunities to engage students who are gathering at the Liberty Pole downtown. Rather than not allowing expressions of literacy and culture, please find ways to highlight the incredible skill and talent in these performances.

It is not often that a group of students gather and express themselves naturally. Please take advantage by supplying some supervision and structure to this activity. This is truly an opportunity to positively engage and showcase students by connecting the students with dance and music instructors in an after school activity.

Please return liberty to the students at the Liberty Pole.