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Return Irene Clennell to her husband in the UK and restore her Indefinite Leave to Remain!

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Irene is a Grandmother and was forcibly deported to Singapore on Sunday, 26th February 2017.

That’s why I’m calling on the Home Office to reverse their decision to impose a 10-year ban on Irene from re-entering the UK to be with her family.

She married her husband John a British Citizen in 1990. She was then granted Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR) in the UK. 

But now the Home Office won’t allow her to stay because she spent time in Singapore.

Irene returned to Singapore in 1992 to provide care and support to her sick mother. As a daughter, it was only natural that Irene wanted to care for her mother. Her husband relocated then to Singapore and together had 2 children. 

John returned to the UK with the children in 1998 in the hope that Irene would join too. After her mother’s death in 1999, Irene returned and made at least 3 applications to renew her ILR but applications were rejected on the basis that she had used incorrect forms. 

She returned to the UK for family visits and lived with her family in the UK between 2003 to 2005.

Irene attempted to return to the UK in 2007 but was refused entry at the airport immigration checkpoint and led to believe that she was banned from returning to the UK for 5 years.

Irene’s father was diagnosed with cancer and she stayed in Singapore to care for her father until he passed away in 2008. 

Irene then made her application for permission to return to the UK. The Singapore British Embassy rejected Irene’s application off hand after the interview as she was unable to produce the evidence of all contact made with her husband and children through Yahoo messenger and telephone calls.

Irene returned to the UK in 2013 and was advised by a member of an immigration staff that she should immediately apply for ILR. Irene did exactly as advised and submitted both FL(R) and FL(O) forms but her applications were again rejected.

The Home Office rejected her latest application in 2016 claiming that her Visa was exhausted in 2014 and she must leave the country. 

Irene is now exhausted both mentally and financially by the immigration system. All she wants is to be with her family in the UK. She no longer has family in Singapore.

As a fellow Singaporean who spoke with Irene’s family about their own experience and my own, I know the despair they feel.

Irene is currently deported to Singapore and living in forced exile from her husband. John is now suffering from ill health and he needs her to be with him at this time.

We call on the Home Office and the Government to return Irene Clennell to the UK and grant her indefinite leave to remain in the UK so that she is able to spend quality time with her beloved husband, John and her children (and grandchild).

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Also, if you are able to help contribute some money (no matter how little) towards her legal fees to challenge the Home Office, please click on the link below. Thank you. 

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