Return Grading System in ALL grades back to the percentage grade point average & letter grades(A,B,C)

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Signing this petition means that you are in support of returning the percentage grade point averages and/or the letter grades back to the report cards in the Billerica Public Schools in all the grades.


We all agree that the education of our children is very important.

Currently, the administration has removed the traditional grades (percentages & A,B,C) in grades K-6.  Billerica now uses a Standard base Report Card (SBRC) with subjective numbers 1 – 4.  They plan to continue to add a hybrid version in grades 7 & 8.  A hybrid will introduce a different set of letter grades.

The SBRC does not drive academic achievement, but instead creates mediocrity

There is no initiative for the student to Achieve Higher because everyone is being brought to a standard.  We need to reintroduce Academic based recognition such as the Honor Roll and provide more than just the standard work.  The Traditional report card of A, B, D, F gave a clear understanding of where the student stood for grades.    

There is a wide variation in the SBRC grading system with no clear expectations.  For example, in the first term a student achieves a 92 average and gets a  grade of 3.  The next term that same student achieves a 83 average and also receives a grade of 3.  Since the grade level is proficient, it does not show the drop in grades and therefore the report card is not reflecting that the student is having trouble.  

SBRC is not a widely accepted grading system.  Universities, Colleges & Private Schools do not recognize the system, therefore it will result in them using 1 SAT score to evaluate four years of a student’s progress.  One University admissions counselor at a highly respected local university said “this system does a disservice to the student”.

Teachers in different classrooms and different schools don’t agree on the standard, this creates inconsistency in the grading and the system is subjective.

Many teachers are not in support of this system, but are fearful to speak up honestly.

 The desires of the Billerica Public School Community should be taken into account when the Superintendent and School Officials make decisions that critically affect our children.

Please join us by:  Signing this petition,  Forwarding it on to other concerned parents  Joining us on Monday, February 4, 2013 at the Billerica School Committee meeting beginning at 6pm at the Parker Elementary School.  We plan to present the petition and have people sign up for Community input to have their concerns about the report card heard.


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