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Return ALL in-shelter volunteers to the Bloomfield Animal Shelter now!

On March 16, 2012, all in-shelter volunteers were dismissed without warning from the John A. Bukowski Animal Shelter in Bloomfield NJ.  Since then only staff has been allowed to socialize or exercise the animals. This is unacceptable to the former volunteers and a disservice to the animals they cared for. The volunteers worked long and hard for the township and the animal shelter out of love, devotion and dedication to the animals. Knowing they are no longer getting the one-on-one attention they deserve, with no return date in sight, is hearbreaking.  Also, if and when the Board of Health agrees to allow in-shelter volunteers again, all former volunteers will need to reapply for service and hope to be accepted back.  These dedicated, hardworking volunteers were dismissed without cause and want nothing more than to return to the work and animals they love.

Please tell the township's officials to allow ALL former, involuntarily dismissed, volunteers back into the shelter without having to reapply and beg for acceptance, to do the work they did so well for over a decade. Thank you.

This petition was delivered to:
  • Acting Director, Bloomfield Health Department
    Karen Lore
  • Board of Health Secretary
    Karen Lore
  • Councilman
    Nicholas Joanow
  • Councilman
    Bernard Hamilton
  • Councilman
    Michael Venezia
  • Councilman
    Carlos Bernard
  • Councilman
    Elias Chalet
  • Health Officer
    F. M. Fitzpatrick
  • Mayor
    Raymond McCarthy
  • Council Liaison to the Board of Health
    Peggy Dunigan
  • President, Bloomfield Board of Health
    James McLaughlin
  • Township Administrator
    Linda Milone

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