Change Murdoch Mackay Offensive Clansmen Mascot

Change Murdoch Mackay Offensive Clansmen Mascot

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Since I, a majority white student started at Murdoch Mackay, the name always rubbed me the wrong way. 

Racism happens, sadly, at every school, yet at a school with a name such as “Clansmen” imagine how scary that must seem to younger POC students or those facing racism in school. Even I, a white person have seen it happen and continue to be ignored. It sends a message of no one is there for you, even the ones who are supposed to be. 

When we think of the word “Clansmen” our mind usually goes directly to the thought of the KKK, a terrorist group known for lynching black people. With this connection made I don’t think Murdoch Mackay should continue using this offensive and outdated title. 

School pride should include all students, not just the white ones. So once again I ask you to consider signing this petition, and join me in making school a safe place for everyone.