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It is very important to consider retracting this legislation because the European Union has come so far to be able to ban all testing for cosmetics on animals and its sales. But a very deceptive legislation by REACH (Registration, Evaluation, & Authorisation of Chemicals) introduced in 2007 would require all previously non tested chemicals in cosmetics to be tested on animals such as guinea pigs, rats, mice, and rabbits. This means that up to 13 million animals could be tortured by 2018 with cruel and painful toxicity tests....!!

There are thousands of products already tested on animals (chemicals) and natural products which are safer usually don't require testing. So why not use natural products and animal testing won't be needed.

Animals have been used as objects for years, tortured, experimented on, beaten, mutilated, neglected, skinned and boiled alive, electrocuted, killed by the seconds all in the name of fashion and beauty. Well beauty comes from the inside with a good diet, exercise and a genuine good heart. Humans have to reconnect with nature and live in harmony with the animals because they are the innocent voiceless victims of a massive genocide and we will look back at day....and think about this era as totally insane and horrific.

We have to evolve now and stop all animal testing for all products and no regulations like REACH should even be considered and be able to go on....!!
This is why I ask you to please sign my petition against REACH (UK based).

Thank you for contributing to this great cause.....:)

Letter to
Executive Director of ECHA Geert Dancet
Head of Unit, Registrar (ECHA) Sari Haukka
Member State Relations Coordinator (ECHA) Tiiu Brautigam
and 6 others
Assistant to the Executive Director (ECHA) Paula Susi
Secretary to the Mgt Board & Inter-Institutional Relations Coordinator (ECHA) Frank Buchler
Secretary to the Head of Executive Office (ECHA) Katri Gerkman
Head of Unit & Data Protection Officer (ECHA) Alain Lefebvre
European Commission To who it may concern
Quality Manager Exec. Office of ECHA Gaida Lapitajs
Retract REACH and abolish animal testing once and for all....!! There should be no more vivisection allowed whatsoever.....and no loopholes like the REACH regulations should be allowed to continue......Use natural alternative methods in products which are safer and doesn't promote cruelty.....!!

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