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Goodmorning everyone.
I am a man born in 1982. My generation grew up with the wonderful films of Evil Dead and with the myth of Ash Williams. We had the beautiful top with Army of Darkness. Then, when everything seemed to be over, the legendary Bruce Campbell together with the brothers Raimi and a new team of protagonists, among which stands the legendary Lucy Lawless (Mighty Xena), restarted a series: Ash Vs Evil Dead. The series is a badass show, old school, splatter, funny and, if it had been well promoted, would have revived a classic vein of cinema 80/90 years. Instead, incredibly, it was not thought about educating the new generations (too much effort ...) instead the producers preferred to create a sure series that the niche of people who loved the first films would follow a series that practically knew only them. Without culture we do not go anywhere and if we do not educate the new generations even at low but funny and legendary levels of cinema we will all end up stereotyped in a world of all the same series.

Now because of the drop in listening (despite the series is really incredible and catchy) after 3 seasons STARZ has decided to cancel the series sparking a pandemonium of protests on the internet. I think that when you do not know how to do your job in promoting a television series (and get the right profit) I think you have to pass the ball to more competent people instead of truncating something that makes many viewers happy. Here in Italy to see Ash vs Evil Dead we must subscribe to Infinity and promotion is nonexistent. You can not be defenseless to this dictatorship of the series in which the death penalty is applied if for various reasons you are unable to make it return. So I ask that the series be carried out with the right promotion and the right marketing that, for now, was made only by the protagonist actor Bruce Campbell who created the hashtag #BringBackBoomstick and relative site.

I know that this tool would be used for nobler purposes but, in the end, life is also made of simple moments but they nevertheless know how to bring happiness.