Italo-Swiss Student Call for Pluralist Economics

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We, economics students and members of the numerous Rethinking Economics groups in Italy and Switzerland, call for urgent reforms of the teaching of economics: the present education is too focused on one set of theories that doesn’t sufficiently explain the functioning of our economy. We therefore ask for a pluralist course in all undergraduate degrees in economics of our universities and are ready to support the creation and implementation of such course. We believe that the multiple theories presented in this course would help students to critically analyse the real-world economy.

Rethinking Economics is a student-led movement that advocates for pluralism and interdisciplinarity in economics degrees. We are a global network consisting of local groups, working together toward a common goal: an open, pluralist, critical and real-world economic education. Improving economics curricula and spreading awareness about the existence of other approaches, we aim at giving economics students the tools necessary to understand and to manage the broad range of economic challenges we face today. In the last decades, economics has been dominated by a set of theories which alone fails to explain the complex world we live in. The crisis of 2008 clearly showed that we need other perspectives to understand our economy, this is the reason why Rethinking Economics was founded. Nevertheless, ten years later, our education still doesn’t give importance to other approaches such as feminist, ecological, institutional, marxist or post-keynesian economics.

Therefore, we believe that the introduction of a course in pluralist economics would strongly enrich the existing curricula. It would present a selection of economic theories such as the above and apply it to classical topics such as labour, the monetary system or regulations. Furthermore, the course would be an occasion to tackle subjects that aren’t considered by standard theories, such as care work, power relations and ecology, which would create an image of a socially grounded economy, for a better understanding of our heterogeneous and globalized societies.

We understand that this will only be the first step towards a deeper change. However, we also believe that the proposed renewal is feasible—not only desirable—since many universities have already adopted similar courses that pursue the recommended direction. For details about how such a course could look like and about the groups that support this petition, click here.

If you have further questions, comments or anything else to say, send us a mail on Thank you, also for sharing!