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Help us sign this petition to help get retailers to come on board with digital billing which can save this planet's nature.

Save trees with Digital Billing, A Shift for the Planet!

Do you even know the amount of damage these little paper slips inflict upon the environment in India in a year:

• They waste one billion gallons of water
• To make them, we kill 10 million trees
• To supply them, they use 250 million gallons of oil
• Overall, they make for 1.5 billion pounds of non-biodegradable waste

Some mind-blowing shocking facts for not to use paper bills are-

• A paper bill costs around 0.50 paisa to 1 rupee depending upon the bill (it may be a thermal bill or an A4 bill) 
• The carbon pigmented ink used in the thermal printers can affect your health
• An average big-box retailer issues 54 Lakh paper bills every year  

When we ignore the financial cost of a tangible paper bill a cost which not just the firm but the whole planet has to pay comes up. Billions of pounds of water, millions of trees cut and the gallons of oil which are burned to transport these are used just for making an item which makes wastage of around a billion pounds. This collective waste is killing the planet slowly, giving it a slow death without us even knowing.
To solve this grave problem a change in systems is needed, a shift that will help save endless resources and will be a harmless one too. Shift from paper bills to digital bills. This shift is something that many companies are adopting currently. When a single business shifts to digital billing it saves millions of trees, water, and oil throughout its existence. The choice of digital billing over paper billing is a shift that every business should do because it’s not a choice but a responsibility of every operating company to take care of the environment so the choice of digital billing is an ethical one also.
To bring this shift which will give our planet a new life we need support and the force of the people so the right people can see the change which people want and implement this change and help save the planet and everything that exists on it.

For every 200 signs we receive on this petition, BillMe will give its software for free to 1 retailer for 2 months.

So sign this petition and become a voice that cares about the planet.