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Refuse to work on Thanksgiving. Work no earlier than 4 am on Black Friday

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You only live once. We hold very few holidays sacred in America. In recent years we have seen corporations invade our personal time with our families. They tell us that customers want to shop earlier and earlier every year. That may or may not be so but it is time to take a stand. A stand for ourselves and our families.
Each customer has a budget they will spend this holiday season. Whether retail stores open at 8 pm, midnight, or 4 am. It is time to do what's right for each other. Not only will we get to spend more time with our families but so will our customers.
Yes, you may get a get a verbal warning or a write up. But compare what you will gain versus what you will lose? Which manager, employee or customer will complain for ultimately getting to spend more time with their loved ones?
Do what's right as a family member, an employee, a customer. Be a pioneer and tell corporate America they can have us every other day this year but not this one day.
This is a call to retail employees. Not a petition to have someone else do something. This is a petition to do something for yourself and the ones you love. Add all the Thanksgiving Days you will live. Compare those to the days you will work in your life. Which one is more important?
You decide. You only live once.

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