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Petitioning Young Ethnic and Religious Leaders

Restoring Civility in Public Discourse: Sign the Civil Engagement Pledge


Global youth activists from around the world, including the Middle East, Europe, and ethnic and religious partners from throughout the US, join together during the ACCESS 20/20 Weekend for a unique conversation about strengthening civil societies in a time of intense polarization. This track focuses on the troubling rise in “uncivil” political discourse. At the conclusion of the conference, participants sign a "civility pledge" to bolster joint action moving forward.

Letter to
Young Ethnic and Religious Leaders
Civil Engagement Pledge

I am committed to creating, growing and sustaining multicultural societies, and cross-cultural personal relationships, that celebrate dialogue and a plurality of perspectives;

I believe in the importance of sustained and resilient engagement, including through strong and passionate debate, about issues that matter to us as members of local, national and global communities; such debate must take place in an atmosphere of mutual respect;

I challenge myself and my interlocutors to distinguish words that are used to share and express ideas, regardless of their popularity, from those that prevent dialogue and incite hatred or violence;

I affirm my commitment to stand against stereotyping and discrimination when it targets other groups and people as I would if my own community were targeted;

I pledge to uphold these principles within my own life in order to lead by example and to promote them through the organizations with which I work, and I will encourage others to do so as well.

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