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Restore YouTube Channel iDetect to Content Owner Harry Moore after being Hacked.

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YouTube creator Harry Moore and his channel, iDetect, have been hacked.  Someone was able to get access and deleted his Gmail account and YouTube account.  At the time of the hack, iDetect had over 20,000 subscribers and was one of the fastest growing YouTube channels in the metal detecting niche on YouTube.  The channel iDetect was very popular among fellow metal detectorists, coin collecting enthusiasts, and treasure hunters around the world.  Harry Moore, the creator of iDetect, was very active in preserving local history in the U.K., saving artifacts from the Roman period and beyond.  He also was involved and had campaigns raising money for cancer research.  Harry was able to do what most of us dream about, making a living doing what we are most passionate about.  His YouTube channel was his main source of income.  His subscribers and fans found inspiration, motivation, and entertainment from his videos and his absence from YouTube, posting regular videos, has been felt by all.

After numerous attempts at trying to get someone at Google or YouTube to help him, including traveling to local offices in London, all he was told could be done is the standard recovery process in which they try to recover through old secondary phone numbers and email accounts.  The problem is, and probably is with most people, that the old phone numbers, and email accounts used as secondary back up when the account was established many years ago, are no long active and he no longer has access to them.  This needs to be escalated up the chain at Google and YouTube to someone who can make something happen.  Please sign this petition for Google and YouTube to get involved at a higher level and help restore the channel, iDetect back to its former status.  

To Google and YouTube... it takes a tremendous amount of effort, dedication, and talent to obtain over 20,000 subscribers in this small niche on YouTube.  It is understandable that you have a policy in place for account recovery, however, you would also have to understand that sometimes these secondary back up accounts go stale or fall out of access with the originator.  Sure, it is our responsibility as account owners to keep our information updated, but you would think there should be something that could be done in unique situations such as this. 

 Please do the right thing and restore the YouTube channel, iDetect, back to its original status and give access and control back to Harry Moore, its content creator.  

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