Restore the Winking Eye and Beckoning Finger of Auckland's Giant Santa

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The winking eye and beckoning finger of Auckland's Giant Santa were sabotaged in a disastrous 2009 makeover ordered by then-Heart of the City CEO, now convicted fraudster Alex Swney. The eye was plucked out and sold on TradeMe. The finger was fused in place. It was a crime against Christmas.

We must reinstall the winking eye and beckoning finger of Auckland’s Giant Santa. Through exhaustive journalistic efforts, I have secured the original winking eye. I also know the location of a beckoning finger. But I need to convince the authorities in charge of Santa to put both the eye and finger back in their rightful place. For that, I need your support. Please sign this petition and show Auckland mayor Phil Goff, Auckland Council, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, and Heart of the City that there is overwhelming public demand to bring the real, canonical giant Santa back to its rightful place at the heart of Auckland's CBD. It’s time to restore Santa to his former glory, and in doing so, restore Christmas in Auckland to its former glory.

Personal story
I was on the fence about the value of the winking eye and beckoning finger until recently, when I started filming the TV show Get It to Te Papa. Interviewing people for the show’s Santa episode showed me how many people are deeply connected to our giant Father Christmas, and how many of them still long to see him back in his original form. They say - and I believe them - that when we call Santa creepy, we’re viewing him through our jaded adult eyes. We should try to recall our youths, and see Santa with the wonder of a child. And even if we can’t do that, we should still concede that it’s cool to have a winking, beckoning Santa in the heart of the CBD.