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Restore the $100 Million Dollars Cut to USNH by the NH Legislature over the last 2 years

We call upon you to restore NH State funding for the University System of New Hampshire (USNH) to pre-2011 rates of state funding in accordance with the Board of Trustees Biennial Budget Request. The USNH is comprised of four public, state-funded institutions – Univ. of New Hampshire, Keene State, Plymouth State, and Granite State College.

In 2011, the NH State Legislature implemented the largest cut to higher education in the history of our nation, cutting funding to the USNH by approximately $100 million across the biennium – a 49% reduction of state funding in a single year.

As a result, these cuts have forced reductions in funding to programs and departments, a salary freeze, the termination of positions, and a simultaneous increase in student tuition. The end result is that UNH students now graduate with the highest average debt loads in the country at $32,320 per student.

We demand that the Governor of New Hampshire and the New Hampshire State Legislature recommit to Funding Our Futures by restoring funding for the USNH to 2011 levels of $100 Million dollars.

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  • The Governor of New Hampshire and the NH State Legislature

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