Restore Our Trust! Keep Dangerous Dog Treats Off The Shelves.

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Restore Our Trust! Keep Dangerous Dog Treats Off The Shelves.

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Rita Desollar started this petition to CEO, Walmart Michael Duke and

I knew nothing of the dangers of chicken jerky treats from China when I bought the package of Waggin' Train dog treats at my local Walgreens in Pekin, IL as a special treat for my sweet and happy German Shepherd, Heidi.  There was no warning on the package nor was there any warning posted on the shelf where I found them. Five days after eating just two pieces of the Waggin’ Train chicken jerky, Heidi was dead.  

 The day Heidi died, I sat at my computer crying and did a Google search for “WHAT KILLED MY DOG?" That's when I learned -- too late -- about the ongoing investigation by the FDA, and the hundreds of stories about dogs becoming ill and dying after eating these types of treats. Jerky treats made in China. Not just the Waggin' Train brand either. Through a page on Facebook, Animal Parents Against Pet Treats and Food Made in China, I found people who, like me, did not know the dangers of these treats and whose dogs had become sick, or like Heidi, had died as a result of eating pet jerky products  made in China. 

Heidi had all the same symptoms that other dogs had after eating jerky treats made in China.  The same symptoms that hundreds of others had reported to the FDA that their dogs also had: 


diarrhea — sometimes with blood

decreased appetite and decreased activity

increased water consumption (excessive thirst)

increased urination

and, as in my sweet Heidi's case, death. 

I feel so betrayed! I feel betrayed by the makers of the dangerous treats who refuse to acknowledge that there is any problem with a product that has already generated 3,243 complaints to the FDA,  which includes 501 deaths. And according to a recent interview with an employee of the FDA, continues to receive an average of 40 complaints per week!  The numbers are going to continue going up. 

I feel betrayed by the FDA, which is supposed to be responsible for protecting the public health and assuring the safety of our nation’s food supply, but has not yet forced a recall and is allowing these products back on the shelves.  


Most of all, I feel betrayed by Walgreens, the corner drug store where I had been a loyal customer for over 40 years. There are jerky treats made in China still on their shelves! Walgreens own brand, Pet Shoppe, jerky treats for dogs is MADE IN CHINA and there have been reports of dogs becoming ill after consuming them.

 People trust their favorite stores and companies to sell them safe products. I trusted my corner drug store.  Heidi trusted me.  And Heidi paid for it with her life. 

Who can we trust now?

Please help me by telling retailers that continue to sell these dangerous products that we need them to restore our trust in them. Tell them that we need to trust them to protect us, our families and our pets by taking ALL jerky treats made in China off their shelves. 

If enough stores take these treats off their shelves, fewer people will unknowingly feed their best friends dangerous treats and companies like Waggin Train, Dogswell, Kingdom Pets, and Pet Shoppe will have to start paying attention. Too many people and dogs have suffered already. 

Please sign and share this petition liberally and leave a comment telling your favorite stores to take ALL these dangerous dog treats off the shelves so you can TRUST them again. 

This is Heidi's story.  If your dog also became ill or died after eating dangerous dog treats file a report with the FDA!  Scroll down to the NEWS UPDATES to learn how to do this!

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This petition had 83,949 supporters

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