Restore Laura Loomer's PayPal Account — Commerce is Speech

Restore Laura Loomer's PayPal Account — Commerce is Speech

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Started by Ali A.

Dear Fellow Serfs:

Today, my friend, Jewish conservative journalist Laura Loomer was banned from PayPal, marking another instance of Big Tech using its power to silence dissenting and alternative voices. Laura has already been deplatformed from Twitter, Uber, Lyft, GoFundMe, and Venmo as a result of her advocacy journalism which the Left can conjure no answer to. Laura has sacrificed time and money— while subjecting herself to immense personal vitriol— to advocate for her beliefs, and PayPal has succumbed to outside pressures to silence this disrupting voice. In no way has Laura violated Paypal’s Terms of Service, nor did PayPal offer any sort of reasoning behind this decision. This is an egregious violation of Laura’s right to free speech and to present media content to the public, and if we do not stand up and fight back, the Left will continue its systematic effort to unperson those with dissenting ideas. The view from the ivory tower is an all-encompassing one, especially when Big Tech swears allegiance to assist individuals who want to silence you!

Consider this, patriots; PayPal usually reserves disbarment for terrorists, drug dealers, serial criminals, and others who seek to send and receive money for nefarious means. Laura has simply advocated vehemently for causes she believes in, and has devoted her life to the pursuit of these causes. Regardless of our political ideology, can we truly, in good faith, say nothing while a singular 25 year old conservative Jewish woman is targeted and harassed by trillion-dollar corporations solely because they disagree with her politics? They hope you will say nothing. We cannot let them win.

In this digital age, it is imperative for journalists to be allowed the right to perform commerce so they can continue their work. PayPal cannot be an industry leader if they selectively choose who may use their services based on their political affiliation. To lump Laura in with terrorists and criminals is dangerous, bad for America, and promulgates a very dangerous precedent. The Thought Police want to silence you, and have chosen to make an example out of Laura to remind us what happens when we step out of line. They want to train us like newborn puppy, and actually inform us what we can and can’t say, or think, instead of allowing their users to exercise our God-given rights and let the strongest ideas prevail. It’s time to fight back.

We're demanding PayPal restore Laura's account ASAP!

Stand up to our Tech Oligarchs! 

2,290 have signed. Let’s get to 2,500!