Restore Lake Bonham

Restore Lake Bonham

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Director of Public Works Lance Capehart

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Started by Julia Crump

Due to increasing sedimentation in Lake Bonham the water clarity, fishing habitat and reproduction, vegetation, water temperature, decreasing lake water holding capacity, possible contaminants, erosion concerns, undetermined sources of sedimentation are all increasing in frequency this year.  This is happening both with rain and without and are not clearing for extended time periods even when the lake is calm.  These issues have not been effectively addressed since the 2018 flood and is an observable problem since January 2022.  We are asking that the City of Bonham and Fannin County coordinate efforts with the North Texas Municipal Water District, Texas Parks and Wildlife, The Environmental Protection Agency, and Texas Commission for Environmental Quality to:

  1.   Do testing and investigation to determine the extent and sources of the problem on the lake through testing of water in all areas of the lake, level of sedimentation accumulation, damage done to wildlife and vegetation, erosion problems, and loss of volume.
  2. Determine how to halt the problem and to stop the deteriorating conditions as well as begin mediating this with ongoing monitoring.
  3. Develop and implement a restoration plan for returning the watershed and lake to a healthy state for water level capacity, wildlife and aquatic health, water clarity and safety, and overcome any other identified watershed and lake problems for the citizens recreation and community water supply.

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490 have signed. Let’s get to 500!