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Petitioning Maryland State House and 2 others

Restore Adult Adoptee Access to Original Birth Certificates

We call upon all state legislatures to restore, unconditionally, the right of adopted adults to access their unaltered original birth records.

If you have already signed this petition when it was posted last year, thank you. Please spread the word and recruit as many of your friends to sign as you can.

This time an alteration in the programming of wil not allow me to leave it open to all 50 states. So the default I selected was Maryland. Feel free to use the letter however you would like in your state. I am really disappointed about that but we can start 42 other petitions, one each for the tates that still have sealed records.

And while you are here, vote to put our cause at the top of the agenda. Go to: adult_adoptees_the_right_to_their_origin al_birth_certificates_2

For some reason, this link does not work consistently. I ghave contacted about it and heard nothing. However, you can cut and paste it in your browser and it will take you there via a round-about route.

This related action has a Feburary 15 deadline, so hurry! Do it now and tell others.

Letter to
Maryland State House
Maryland State Senate
Maryland Governor
This is about identity and basic civil rights. If anyone else's birth certificate were stolen, lawmakers would be up in arms. But if it's an adoptee, too many are content to look the other way.

Adoptees are parties to a contract they did not sign, and most were not even old enough to read. Current law in most states continues to treat adoptees as children in perpetuity long after they reach adulthood. Although they were party to a legal proceeding that forever altered the course of their life as children, they cannot even examine the documents as adults. Adult adoptees seek restoration of a right every other American takes for granted, unrestricted access to the public document that recorded their birth, unaltered and unredacted.

It is simply a matter of basic human rights. Give us back our original identity!