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For thousands of years INDIA has been the world leader in Technology, Medical Science, GDP, Textiles and what not. And the root of all this prosperity has been the way we EDUCATED the upcomming generations. This is the land which had the First universities on the Planet. The great BHARATIYA SHIKSHA PADDHATI (INDIAN EDUCATION SYSTEM) was the root of all this. But today we are blindly following the Modern Education System which is still struggling to succeed since its origin because the modern INDIAN Education System which was started by britishers was built to make qualified servants out of us. This system belives in

  1. Same tests for people with different potential.
  2. The concept of PASS/FAIL.
  3. Extremely high weightage is given to delivering information rather than developing their minds.
  4. And many more...

Today when INDIA is a free country, we made some but not enough efforts to re-organise our Education system.

And our very own great education system is something that we have forgotten.

Countries like Finland and Japan are doing beautiful modifications in their education systems. Whereas in India we had the best education system which is now forgotten. The time has still not gone. 100 years is very small compared to thousands of years.

I request you to kindly sign this petition so that all of us can restore the Great INDIAN EDUCATION SYSTEM. With new technologies and let the whole world take on to it.     

 -Hrishikesh Ambulkar