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Stop producing and mailing your wasteful catalogs

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I was outraged last year when I received Restoration Hardware’s 17-pound, 3,300-page catalog in the mail. Maybe you were too. I didn’t ask for it, actually nobody did -- but the national furniture chain mailed the massive piece to one million Americans. The scale of the environmental damage from this selfish business decision is staggering: 17 million pounds of paper in those catalogs required cutting hundreds of thousands of trees.

In the digital age, anyone can look for products much easier online than reading through an unnecessary 3,300-page catalog. Who has time to do that? What’s more, industry research recently showed that these catalogs tend to get response rates of just four percent. That means that very few pay off, and the majority of these catalogs are a complete waste.

After years of this activity, Restoration Hardware is now a part of a big problem: deforestation. And they have been adamant that they’ll do this again. We must stop them. These catalogs will be sent out again later this year if we don’t act now. Join me in telling the company to stop mailing catalogs in 2015 unless individual customers request one. 

Today, deforestation is a major cause of climate instability, adding more carbon pollution to the atmosphere each year than all of the Earth’s cars and trucks. This is clearly of no concern to Restoration Hardware.

Restoration Hardware is a century behind other companies who understand that Americans demand that the companies they support are socially responsible. They know that marginal profits are not worth the need to cause extensive environmental destruction. It’s time to tell Restoration Hardware CEO Gary Friedman that he can no longer ignore calls to stop mailing the catalogs and misleading his customers.

Please sign this petition to urge Restoration Hardware to reduce its paper consumption, stop taking credit for the logging industry’s misleading forest certifications and develop a paper policy that protects forests.

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