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Ban smoking in public seating areas such as around the fountain

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We all know Reston Town Center is beautiful and family friendly. In fact when I ask people why they like it so much, "family friendly and safe" are the common responses. I considered this to be true until last week when I was "smoked out" twice in one day by smokers and forced to move. While I was eating lunch and reading a book in the seating areas by the fountain, someone came and sat down in the table next to me. They proceded to light their cigarette. I can smell it (I'm allergic and sensitive to cigarette smoke) of course being so close. I'm usually alright with this, but unfortunately two other people around me started smoking as well. I had to pack up my lunch, books, and move to the other side where I was no longer in the sun and quite uncomfortable. I don't know if others have had this expierence, but it was rude and ruined my entire lunch. If Reston Town Center is so "safe" and "family friendly", why is smoking, something that has been proven to cause HARM to other people, allowed in public areas? There are always kids running around for god's sake. I'm asking that while smokers sit around other people that don't want to intentionally poison themselves, that they move to a designated smoking area and come back after.


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