#RespectThaiWomen Please stop sexually harassing Thai women

#RespectThaiWomen Please stop sexually harassing Thai women

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発信者:ช่วยเพื่อนรัก ちゅ愛プアンラック 宛先:the Japanese Embassy in Thailand

日本語/ ไทย

Recently, on Twitter, a post by a Thai woman caused a huge public uproar.

"The Japanese coming to Thailand are really awful! I was asked to have a contract to be a mistress for a monthly payment of THB 30,000 by a middle-aged Japanese man who was over the age of 40. The detail of the contract was to meet the man roughly once a week when his wife is away to have a meal and XXX"

This post had been retweeted more than 8,000 times as of 31 May and the situation is that revulsion at the Japanese can be heightened among Thai people.

Moreover, some of the Japanese Youtuber living in Thailand posted videos of them competing for hitting on Thai women and taking them to hotels, an act of which can be regarded as misogynistic. As of 31 May, it has been retweeted over 17,000 times and there has been a lot of criticism from Thai people.

We, up until now, had been disgusted at stories of sexual harassment against Thai women and misogyny on SNS, but  we couldn't do anything about them, so we just tried to ignore.

However, since a Thai friend who saw the post quoted in the beginning was very hurt by it and there was a lot of response on SNS, we felt it could lead to deteriorate the relationship between Japan and Thailand so we, volunteers comprised of Japanese and Thai people, decided to launch a petition campaign.

Thailand has historically earned foreign currencies through the sex industry. To this day, Thailand suffers from an extreme inequality and there are women who turn to prostitution to get by. We are not trying to criticise the sex industry or sex workers.

On the other hand, it's also true that many Thai women in general, feel anger at being seen as "cheap sex" objects by foreigners, namely the Japanese.

"A strange Japanese man abruptly asked me 'How much?'", "A Japanese man, who I met for the first time, uttered a sexual insult at me", those sexual harassment incidents of which we cannot even imagine have been reported one after the other.

Also, concern is rising about SNS posts that include sexual expressions that can be seen as sexism against Thai women. Please think again before you post or press "like".

SNS can be accessed easily by anybody and that's why we want you to, even for a bit, imagine how the people who receive the information would feel.

The act of each Japanese expat in Thailand gravely affects the image that Thai people hold of Japan.With regards to such a situation, we call on the Japanese Embassy in Thailand to make effort to prevent Japanese from sexually harassing Thai women.

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